Neighborhood by Neighborhood Discussion of the Scotts Valley Real Estate Market

In this first edition of Real Estate Roundtable, REALTORS® Robert Aldana, Robert Cornejo, and Jonathan Rossi discuss the local market, price trends, and what to expect in each Scotts Valley neighborhood. To watch the ONE HOUR program, click on the following link and feel free to chime in with your thoughts and comments about the program. CLICK HERE TO WATCH (more)

Robert Aldana on HGTV's "Sleep On It"

In 2008, I was on an HGTV television show called “Sleep On It”, a show where I would show a family a property and they would get to sleep in the home they were interested in for a night to see if they still liked it the next day enough to buy it. Although the show was on HGTV, and I was given a copy of the program, the producers of the network will... (more)

Robert Aldana's Appearance on Best of the Bay TV Show A few years ago, I was asked by the Association of REALTORS® to appear and speak on behalf of the industry on the importance of asking questions when you are a consumer, because it truly is extremely important to always know what you are signing and doing when buying,... (more)

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