Robert Aldana on HGTV’s “Sleep On It”

In 2008, I was on an HGTV television show called “Sleep On It”, a show where I would show a family a property and they would get to sleep in the home they were interested in for a night to see if they still liked it the next day enough to buy it.

Although the show was on HGTV, and I was given a copy of the program, the producers of the network will not allow me to publish the program on this page nor can I publish it to YouTube as HGTV has strict licensing and republishing rights that I have to adhere to. I searched online for videos of the show but was unable to locate my episode. Please do share a link if you happen to find it, although it was almost 10 years ago.

I really enjoyed doing the program and working with the wonderful people at HGTV. It was a memorable experience!