What’s Hot & What’s NOT in the SV Real Estate Market

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not in the Scotts Valley real estate market?

What’s Hot:

Interest rates – they have come down averaging 4.18% for a 30 year fixed, and they are expected to hit 5% or more by next year according to many. Money is cheap right now.

Vineyards – only one for sale and it is pending. People are looking for VINEYARD homes. I know of 2-3 possible sellers coming up.

Deerfield Drive Homes – nothing for sale there, 1-2 may be coming on the market this summer.

Hidden Oaks Condos – NOTHING on the market there right now. Everything sells, sells quick and many times over-asking price.

Skypark – After months of almost no homes on the market there, 4 came up for sale in the past month or so with the first pending sale closing tomorrow at over-asking price.

Single-Family Homes $750,000 and under are a hot commodity.

Almost all condos and townhouses are hot right now.

Higher-end Single Story Homes – there are a lot of homeowners who have 2 story homes who are retired or retiring and they want to now get into a nicer home with one level. These are hard to find, very hard to find.

Homes with Larger Lots – people come to Scotts Valley because they love the atmosphere here and how close we are to outdoor activities. I have seen a surge in home buyers wanting homes with more land, as in acreage.

What’s Not Hot:

OVER-PRICED HOMES – Although buyers are almost desperate in many cases, they will not pay more than what the home is worth. This includes townhomes and condos. Think real good about your asking price as an over-priced home will sit on the market and eventually help your competition. Seriously. Pricing your home correctly is key.

Homes For Sale with No Inspections – people are willing to pay top dollar for homes, but they want to know what they are buying before they sign on the dotted line. Having inspections done upfront helps home sellers get more for their home because buyers KNOW what they are buying and feel good about their purchase from the beginning.

Listings with Little or No Pictures – buyers want to see pictures and if possible, videos of homes as it showcases the home and it’s features and let’s them “walk through” the home at their leisure. Show off that home! And remember – Maximum exposure equals MAXIMUM dollars.

Un-staged Homes – you never get a second chance for a first impression. Before putting your home on the market, get it ready by either staging it or pick things up as much as possible. When selling your home, remember, less is more. Meaning, the less things that are in the home, the less clutter, the bigger your home feels and the better that the flow is.