Robert Aldana Awarded Scotts Valley Man of the Year

November 8th, 2014 – Robert Aldana, a resident of Scotts Valley since 1996 and REALTOR® since 1986 was recently awarded the Scotts Valley Man of the Year for 2014 for his contributions to the community.

“I’m feeling honored and humbled by this award, and feeling inspired to do even more for my commUNITY. There is a sense of responsibility when you receive an award like this that makes you want to make the award look good, and honor the great man, Alvin Scarborough whom this award was named after.” Said Robert on his Facebook page. “Serving is an honor. You cannot become a great leader without becoming a great servant.”

Robert created the popular online commUNITY on Facebook at to create a sense of unity, togetherness and help families in an around the Scotts Valley area in various ways. From helping raise funds for non-profit organizations that fight cancer, to schools and many other local projects, the website has become a daily information hub with almost 5,000 followers as of the time of this announcement. It has become the “go to” place for anything in and around Scotts Valley.

“It is an amazing honor. I have never imagined that I would receive this type of recognition because I never went about doing what I do in the commUNITY for recognition or awards, I do it because I have a passion for it and I truly love serving others”, said Robert. “I am looking forward to taking things to an even higher level and being the best that I can possibly be. I am inspired and motivated to do so!”

In addition to this award, Robert also recently won the RAVE Award in the category of “Favorite Real Estate Agent” in the Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley area, an award voted on by residents of the area and given by the Scotts Valley Press Banner.

Robert lives in Scotts Valley with his family and is a REALTOR® with American Dream Realty in Scotts Valley.